Conversation Guides

Most family businesses fail because of communication issues. The Succession Strength Conversation Guides are designed to help families in business overcome specific situations that could cause conflict, disrupt the family and business dynamic and negatively impact a business’ continuity into the future.

For families in business that are short on time, resources or are unsure of whom to call for help, a conversation guide is your solution for help with preparing for and mastering a specific conversation.

Crafted by an organizational psychologist, these self-help guides provide step by step guidance that consider the perspective of both the owner and successor along with advice on what to do if things don’t go as planned.

Expert Guidance for Difficult Conversations

Psychologist Crafted. Owner & Successor Perspective. Affordable. Self-directed.

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    Foundation Conversation (preparing for a succession):
  • Are we a match?
    Owner's Decision:
  • You are the successor; We have Similar Expertise.
  • You are the successor; Our Expertise Is Different.
  • You are not the successor; there’s no other role for you.
  • You are not the successor; we’ll hire externally.
  • How to Choose From Many Potential Successors.
    Performance Management:
  • You are underperforming.
  • Your new vision will kill my business.
  • Setting Boundaries.
    The Exit:
  • I am selling the business.


    Foundation Conversation (preparing for a succession):
  • Are we a match?
    Successor's Decision:
  • I Don't Want To Take Over But I Want A Role in the Business.
  • I Don't Want To Take Over and I Don't Want Any Role in It.
    Performance Management:
  • I need more support.
  • I need more freedom to operate.
  • We need to innovate.
  • Setting Boundaries.
    The Exit:
  • You should sell the business.