business continuity Made Simple

Keeping good businesses in business from generation to generation

We help protect  business  operations and pass them smoothly to the next generation

Business Continuity Planning

Protecting operations today while preparing for tomorrow.


Family Business Preparation

Preparing family businesses for generational success.


Who We Work With

With the right preparation, good businesses could exist for generations. We work with business owners looking to secure their operations for the long term and family businesses preparing to pass the business smoothly to the next generation of leadership.


We believe that there would be no business in the future if some unplanned disruption happened today. We focus on helping businesses at all stages of maturity protect their operations in the event that something were to happen to the owner or other key employee.

Family Businesses

We prepare family owned businesses to pass the business operations smoothly from the owner to someone in the family. Our approach focuses on overcoming conflict and communication barriers; and preparing successors to successfully take over and thrive.

Business Owners in Pre-Retirement

Some business owners wait too late to plan for the impact of their retirement on the business. Our educational series provides practical and comprehensive guidance to allow owners preparing for retirement to make well informed decisions about the future of the business.
What We Do

Businesses contact us to help remove the following types of roadblocks to their business’ long term continuity:

With decades of global strategy and business continuity experience, informed by insights from organizational psychology, our team has developed a set of standard and custom solutions to help plan for tomorrow without sacrificing today.