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(Hi)story Telling

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About us

Helping Businesses Win

Succession statistics do not paint a pretty picture. Coming from and growing up surrounded by family businesses makes us understand the unique challenges faced by owners and their potential successors. When an owner passes away without a business continuity plan in place, a business could be thrown into chaos. That has been our reality.

That’s why we exist.

Succession Strength, was born out of tragedy but with the mission of helping owners assess their readiness and overcome the common hurdles that derail so many family business transitions. Our goal is to see strong businesses survive, successfully transition to the next generation, and thrive in the long term leaving lasting legacies.

With decades of global strategy and business continuity experience, informed by insights from organizational psychology, our experienced team has developed a set of standard and custom solutions to help you plan for tomorrow without sacrificing today.

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Custom planning. Seamless transition.

Succession planning is never a one-size-fits-all proposition. Every family business is unique, and each transition comes with its own distinct set of challenges. That’s why our process focuses on you and your situation, developing custom solutions to facilitate a smooth, successful transition.


Succession Strength Framework

Our approach is built on three pillars: communication, preparation, and execution.

Communication is the center of our framework. In our work with businesses across the globe, we’ve found that the ones who thrive through succession are those who use key conversations to facilitate alignment and eliminate stress. Because that’s easier said than done, we patiently guide our clients in opening and maintaining dialogue before, during, and after succession.

Preparation is the fruit of healthy communication. It identifies the critical elements in any transition and formulates a concrete plan for wading into the inevitable complexity of change. Through it all, we work hard to ensure that the incumbents’ vision is never lost in the shuffle.

Execution converts preparation into action. No plan survives contact with the enemies of change resistance and succession stress. That’s why we stick with our clients through the process, helping them talk their way through hurdles without ever having to compromise on core values.

For solutions that address you and your situation, see our self-help Products or customized Coaching.



Succession planning is never a one-size-fits-all proposition. Every family business is unique, and each transition comes with its own distinct set of challenges. That’s why our process focuses on you and your situation. We use a combination of standard products or tailored coaching to help you facilitate a smooth, successful transition.


Is determining your succession readiness worth the time it takes to write out a grocery list?

Optimized solutions for a seamless transition.


Establishing dialogue between one generation and the next is the key to success in transition.

Check out our new book. The 5 Critical Succession Conversations: A Comprehensive Guide for the Family Business or our Conversation Guides.

Are you one of 83% of family business who don’t have a documented succession plan in place?

Take a look at our Business Continuity Plan template for an easy-to-follow guide that’ll help you protect your business from the sudden loss of a key employee.

It takes wisdom and experience to navigate the complexity of a transition plan in motion.

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