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A targeted approach to an evolving business

Succession Strength helps businesses assess their succession readiness and overcome transition hurdles. We believe that a succession should come from a place of strength for all parties involved and not from a place of stress.

A seamless transition is vital to the success and longevity of your business. Succession planning can often be a stressful, challenging time for businesses. Our team has formulated solutions to make your transition seamless and successful. Working with Succession Strength means unlocking customized solutions for your organization that target your biggest transition hurdles.

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Our Approach

Get custom succession planning solutions for a seamless family business transition.

We understand that succession planning is not one-size-fits-all. Every family business is unique and each transition comes with its own set of challenges. Succession Strength has a unique process to analyze your family business’ situation and develop a custom solution that facilitates a smooth transition.

You can then use these solutions to execute the succession transition with ease.


Succession Strength Framework

To avoid succession stress and ensure succession strength, our approach is built on three pillars – COMMUNICATION, PREPARATION and EXECUTION.

COMMUNICATION forms the basis of the framework and runs throughout the Preparation and Execution phases. In our work, we have found that a number of key conversations are missing, overlooked or given too little attention in the succession process. Ineffective communication often results in a misalignment of objectives and stress that often results in the failure of the business.

For this reason, we focus in depth on the key conversations that should be had before, during and after ta business transition from the perspective of both the business owner and the successor. Communication could at times be difficult, especially in family businesses where personal relationships could also be at stake.

PREPARATION focuses on protecting the existing business while putting the correct measures in place to anticipate and survive the upcoming change.

EXECUTION brings the phases together and builds on the work done in the Communication and Preparation pillars.
We provide comprehensive guides and plans to support the pillars of our framework in our Product Toolkit.


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Our products are optimized to help your family business transition seamlessly.

The foundation of any major change, effective communications should occur before, during and after the planned transition.

Our **new** book: The 5 Critical Succession Conversations: A Comprehensive Guide for the Family Business and our Conversation Guides could be found in the PRODUCT TOOLKIT here.

Few businesses have a Business Continuity Plan in place and a mere 17% of family businesses have documented and communicated succession plans.

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This is where Communication and Preparation come together.

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