THE 5 CRITICAL SUCCESSION CONVERSATIONS helps every family in business pass the business from owner to heir smoothly and successfully while keeping the family in tact and not making assumptions about the each other’s intentions.

If you want to rest assured of a balanced approach that considers the needs of both the business and family, have peace of mind from being able to anticipate the potentially difficult conversations in a business handover, and confidently prepare for and master these difficult conversations to ensure that your business handover is smooth and successful… then this is the most important book you’ll ever purchase!

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  • “Most failed transitions are a result of a breakdown in communication within the family or inadequately prepared heirs.”
  • “The decision to accept or steer away from accepting a leadership role in the family business should never be assumed, go unvoiced… the successor must understand and gracefully deal with the effects of their choice.”
  • “The first step in a succession should be to open a dialogue between the current owner and the intended successor. The seeds of succession are sown in this conversation where the owner leader invites a potential successor to gauge interest, passion, and aptitude.”