Retirement for business owners

Many owners are not prepared for the next phase and end up closing down when they retire.

Retirement for Business Owners is an online course that creates confident and informed business owners. It is for business owners who want to provide for themselves and their families with peace of mind after they retire. Selecting the best path for a business requires clarity, vision and the ability to avoid potential roadblocks. Without proper guidance, the process can be overwhelming.

The program lays out a formula that helps business owners make the right decision about your business’ future while avoiding the pain of delays or expensive trial and error by combining multi-disciplinary guidance in providing a clear step-by-step roadmap that opens the doors to information that is typically seen as inaccessible for everyday business owners.

Business owners preparing for an upcoming retirement learn to:

Estimate Your Retirement Needs;

Quickly Calculate the Value of Your Business;

Easily Protect Your Business with a Business Continuity Plan;

Confidently Evaluate Potential Successors for Your Business;

Draft a Succession Plan for Your Business;

Learn How to Sell Your Business at its Fair Market Price or Higher!

CURRICULUM: What’s in the Course


A detailed overview all of the information needed to make one of the most important decisions as a business owner. In particular, I enjoyed the layout of the material and the practical exercises for each stage. Highly Recommend!


This course far exceeded my expectations – and my expectations were high! The content was easy to follow and implement. The format is dynamic, relevant and practical. This experience has left me feeling confident in leading my company to the next phase.

Francis Jacob

Good course for people deciding on what to do with the business. All of the information for the various components of a business owner’s journey to retirement in one place. Thank you!

Barbara D