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This You Should Sell The Business Conversation Guide helps successors or other persons avoid disruption when communicating to the owner that it might be time to close or sell the business. At times, family members or other loved ones may need to convince the owner that it is time to sell the family business. This conversation guide helps the business through the tough decision to sell or close the family business with tact and empathy. It addresses:

  1. Whether selling is really the best option.
  2. Involving the owner in the sale process.
  3. Weighing the owner’s wishes against those of the stakeholder(s) in the sale process.

Crafted by an organizational psychologist, Succession Strength Conversation Guides help family businesses navigate difficult conversations. Flexible and self-guided, this guide helps successors or other persons have the conversation with confidence on their own time and at a fraction of the cost of 1:1 coaching. Order Now!


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