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The You are the Successor with Different Expertise Conversation Guide is for business owners who need to communicate the successor decision while providing support for the selected successor who has different expertise from the outgoing owner. It helps instill a sense of confidence in stakeholders who may be concerned about the new successor.

Is there a lack of confidence in the successor as he/she steps into their new role with different skills from you? This Conversation Guide helps the owner tactfully communicate the decision of who will manage the business going forward and help the successor integrate into the new role. It addresses:

  1. Who is in charge when both owner and successor are working in the business after the decision has been communicated?
  2. What should we do if additional expertise is required?
  3. When should full control be handed over to the successor?

Crafted by an organizational psychologist, Succession Strength Conversation Guides help family businesses navigate difficult conversations. Confidently navigate this conversation in your own time at a fraction of the cost of 1:1 coaching, course-correcting if things don't go as planned. Order Now!


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