Foundation Conversation


This We Need to Innovate Conversation Guide helps owners and successors avoid conflict and disruption while considering new ideas or innovations for the business. A family business owner may be reluctant to accept or try new ideas or innovations. This conversation guide helps a business owner and successor manage consideration of new ideas. It addresses:

  1. Innovating in a way that still protects the heritage of the business.
  2. Introducing innovation into a business that is not broken.
  3. Agreeing on the acceptable amount of risk involved with the innovation.
  4. Agreeing on areas that should not be changed.

Crafted by an organizational psychologist, Succession Strength Conversation Guides help family businesses navigate difficult conversations. Flexible and self-guided, this guide helps owners and successors have the conversation with confidence on their own time and at a fraction of the cost of 1:1 coaching. Order Now!


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