The Foundation Conversation Guide lays the foundation for the succession journey for first and second generation families that need to find out whether the owner and successor’s goals are aligned.

It helps both owners and their successors:     

  1. Determine interest in the business. 
  2. Authentically discuss in a way that avoids conflict and strengthens the relationship.

For family businesses considering a succession that are short on time, resources or don’t know who to call for help, this conversation guide is the solution for help with starting the succession journey off right by mastering the difficult conversation to align interests while avoiding conflict.

  • Expert Created – by an Organizational Psychologist so that solutions are realistic and practical so users do not have to figure the steps out by themselves;
  • Step-by-Step – easy to follow guidance around everything that should be discussed;
  • Affordable – expert help at a fraction of the cost of 1:1 therapy or consulting;
  • Comprehensive – provides steps to take if the conversation doesn’t go as planned;
  • Dual Perspective – provides perspective of both owner and successor helping each party see what the other may be considering
  • Instantly Accessible – start immediately; use on your own time at your own pace;
  • Low-Risk –  expert advice without committing to an advisor; better than asking a friend.

Ready to not make assumptions about each person’s intentions? Have the conversation. Your business and family may depend on it. 

**Best Seller**

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