This Boundaries Conversation Guide is one of our top sellers. It helps both the owner and successor avoid conflict in the family and business by communicating to set healthy boundaries to help manage the reality of life in the family business and overcome feelings of overwhelm.

Working in the family business may be overwhelming for family members when life is the business and business becomes life. This conversation guide helps a business owner and successor set healthy boundaries to help manage life in the family business. It addresses:

  1. Letting the owner know that I am feeling overwhelmed by family overexposure.
  2. Managing intrusive behavior from other family members.
  3. Working together as a family to create balance between work and our personal lives.

Crafted by an organizational psychologist, Succession Strength Conversation Guides help family businesses navigate difficult conversations. Flexible and self-guided, this guide helps owners and successors have the conversation with confidence on their own time and at a fraction of the cost of 1:1 coaching. Order Now!

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