Our Process

Succession planning is never a one-size-fits-all proposition. Every family business is unique, and each transition comes with its own distinct set of challenges. That’s why our process focuses on you and your situation. Our portfolio of solutions includes standard self-help products and tailored coaching to help you facilitate a smooth, successful transition.

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Our Approach

Our approach is built on three pillars: communication, preparation, and execution.
Communication is the center of our approach. In our work with businesses across the globe, we’ve found that the ones who thrive through succession are those who use key conversations to facilitate alignment and eliminate stress. Because that’s easier said than done, we patiently guide our clients in opening and maintaining dialogue before, during, and after succession.
Preparation is the fruit of healthy communication. It identifies the critical elements in any transition and formulates a concrete plan for wading into the inevitable complexity of change. Through it all, we work hard to ensure that the incumbents’ vision is never lost in the shuffle.
Execution converts preparation into action. No plan survives contact with the enemies of change resistance and succession stress. That’s why we stick with our clients through the process, helping them talk their way through hurdles without ever having to compromise on core values.
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Our Solutions

Establish strong dialogue between generations with our Book and Conversation Guides.

Protect your business today and for the future with our easy to follow Business Continuity Plan.

Use our experience in navigating the complexities of a transition with our customized coaching.