Rochelle Clarke

Founder and CEO

Global strategist, Rochelle Clarke, is founder and CEO of Succession Strength. As a graduate of University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, Rochelle brings nearly twenty years of strategy experience to Succession Strength, the practice she founded to help family businesses overcome barriers to smooth succession transitions. Balancing strategic thinking and operational practicality, she has worked with businesses of all sizes including Fortune 500 companies. Rochelle has spent her career combining a variety of best practices and practical solutions to enable business success. As Content Director, Rochelle combines her experience with that of her team.

Dr. Dona Witten

Organizational Psychologist

Dr. Dona Witten is an organizational psychologist who has worked as an executive management consultant for over three decades in the commercial and public sectors. She has provided a range of services including large scale organizational development, strategic planning, conflict resolution and leadership and organizational coaching. She is an NTL member and is a Baldrige Award Assessor. She is the author of a business development book, Enlightened Management: A Compassionate Guide to Working with People. Dr. Witten devotes her time to coaching business executives and entrepreneurs.