From the Founder of Succession Strength
Discover how to get peace of mind in retirement while continuing to provide for yourself and your family.

Anxious and fearful about retirement? Have most of your wealth tied up in the business? Worry about finding work in retirement to supplement insufficient retirement savings? Concerned about continuing to provide for the future of your family and employees?

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In this 15 minute Masterclass, you will learn:
  • Learn the most popular options that business owners like yourself choose for the long term future of their businesses before they decide to retire

  • Understand the success rate of the intended long term plan for the business and learn what really happens to businesses when the business owner retires

  • Understand the top reasons why businesses that attempt to transition to a family member fail and learn how to avoid the roadblocks from happening to your business in a way that safeguards it for the future of your family and employees

  • Navigate the journey of transferring your business to a family member with confidence by understanding the steps of the succession journey

  • Learn the simple steps that you need to take now to protect your business and future of your family even before you get to retirement

  • Rochelle explains this all in a way that is easy to understand whether you’ve thought a little or a lot about the impact of your retirement on your business. Get the confidence and peace of mind to make the right decision for your business and the future of your family and employees.

    The Succession Strength team has extensive experience implementing strategies that help businesses thrive.

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    About Rochelle Clarke

    Rochelle Clarke is the founder and CEO of Succession Strength, a company that helps business owners secure their business operations and transition them smoothly and successfully to the next generation.

    With the goal of revolutionizing the way that business owners secure their businesses for the future, Succession Strength makes what was once a chore – planning to pass a business on to the next generation a task that is accessible to the masses and almost second nature for business owners.

    As author of  The 5 Critical Succession Conversations: A Comprehensive Guide for the Family Business and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, Rochelle brings her unique personal and corporate experience to bear in helping businesses overcome every barrier to a smooth succession.

    Rochelle and Succession Strength and have been featured in globally recognized publications like Forbes, The New York Times, The CEO Magazine, Business Leader, International Finance, Professional Wealth Management (by the Financial Times), to name a few.

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