Retirement for business owners course

RETIREMENT FOR BUSINESS OWNERS: The Complete Formula Course is an online learning program for business owners in pre-retirement (ages 50+) who want to provide for themselves and their families with peace of mind after they retire. Selecting the best plan for your business that keeps your needs and the needs of your family in mind when you retire requires clarity, vision and the ability to avoid potential roadblocks.

Without a roadmap or guidance, the process can be overwhelming. RETIREMENT FOR BUSINESS OWNERS: The Complete Formula can fast-track your decision-making and save you the pain of delays or expensive trial and error. We’ve already helped business owners like yourself and we’d be honored to work with you too.

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Is This Course Right For Me?

This course helps business owners who are considering retirement to make informed retirement planning decisions with their business in mind. Whether their objective is to use the business to build a nest egg, protect their assets or preserve their lifestyle throughout retirement, this course helps them plan their retirement with confidence. Whether you have thought a little or a lot about your business and its impact on your retirement, the Retirement for Business Owners course will help you:

  • Understand your options for the business;

  • Identify potential roadblocks to selling and transferring a business;

  • Select the right team for support with confidence;

  • Know when to start planning;

  • What’s Included:

    Topics Covered:

  • Retirement Reality:

    Needs and Expenses, Reality Check on Where You Stand;

  • Protecting Your Business:

    Quickly Create a Business Continuity Plan; Select the right Insurance;

  • Transferring Your Business:

    Your Support Team, Critical Conversations, Financing a Transfer; Drafting a Succession Plan;

  • Selling Your Business:

    How to Prepare for a Top dollar sale; Where to Sell;

  • Video Series:

  • Everything is Online. No Travel Required! Everything you need to know to confidently make the right decision for your business that provides control and flexibility; Identify common roadblocks; Calculate when you should start planning; Select the right support team and more

  • Access to Resources:

  • Book: The 5 Critical Succession Conversations: A Comprehensive Guide for the Family Business

  • Access to all downloadable checklists and documents; assessments, calculators;

  • Access to the Exclusive Retirement for Business Owners Community

  • About Rochelle


    Hi! I’m Rochelle. It’s great to meet you.

    I help business owners stay in business. My unique strategy focuses on protecting existing business operations with business continuity plans and helping businesses transition smoothly from owner to heir by focusing on communication and planning.

    This means maintaining control for flexibility and best of all, peace of mind. My approach and thoughts on business continuity have been shared in major global business publications and have helped entrepreneurs across the world – in all different industries – plan for the future of their business with confidence!

    Rochelle Clarke

    CEO, Succession Strength

    Coming September 1 Pre-Pay for Special Course Rate