Business Continuity Plan

The easy-to-follow plan to keep your business running.

It’s like a Business Will. Keeping your operations going in the unplanned.  

Unplanned events can happen

Owners or other employees could become incapacitated through illness or death

Key employees or co-founders could suddenly leave the business


Unexpected disruptions can impact the livelihoods of those who rely on a business – family members, employees and investors. This Business Continuity Plan is like a Business Will. It captures your directions for how your business operations should continue to run in the event of a disruption. It is:

– an actionable easy-to-follow plan!  No complicated words or legal templates here (…so that you or others don’t struggle to figure things out!)

thorough covering the main areas that keep your business running (…so that you don’t leave anything out!)

– a set of clear directions for how your business operates (…so that others can jump right in and smoothly keep things running!)

instantly sent to the designated back-up person (…so you don’t forget to share it!)

What Is Captured In the Plan

It won’t give you a short term payout like an insurance policy and it’s not a legal document that requires experts to figure out but it will provide simple, thorough instructions that keep your business running when the unexpected happens. With our Continuity Plan, you will get an easy-to-follow way for your business to keep running.

All of the following information for your business, in one place:

PEOPLE – identifies the back-up person(s) for key positions;

DOCUMENTATION – an inventory of your business documents and how to access them;

FINANCIAL how the business’ finances will be managed in a disruption;

OPERATIONAL – how key tasks will be carried out; main stakeholders including customers and their contact information; password storage, etc;

How It Works

              Small companies with <15 employees get a customized      Continuity Plan in one session

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Great News! We are running a pilot for our Online ‘Do It Yourself’ Continuity Plan for businesses with <15 employees and simple operations.

Don’t worry! If you need support along the way, our team will make sure that you receive your complete Continuity Plan. Curious?


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Operational Continuity & Peace of Mind

for Business Owners. Investors. Creditors. Employees. Families.