Business Continuity

A strong contingency to keep your business running.

Protect your operations from the unplanned.

Good Business Continuity preparation establishes the way that an organization will respond to an unplanned incident. This ensures that downtime is limited and operations are able to continue for the benefit of those who rely on the business – customers, employees, investors, creditors, etc.

A thorough business continuity plan protects a business from disruptive events ranging from natural disasters and regulatory changes to one of the biggest risks to a business’ operations – the sudden incapacitation of a key employee (e.g. founder or owner) due to an unexpected illness or death. 

Unplanned events could impact a business in one or many of the following ways: 

The presence of a strong Business Continuity plan and its correct communication and implementation are key to a company’s survival and the interest of stakeholders.



With good Business Continuity preparation, alternative ways of operating are quickly put into action allowing for resources to be focused on strategically responding to the disruption. We focus primarily on Business Continuity planning that covers the procedures and arrangements necessary for the continuation of business operations when they cannot continue as normal. 

Our Business Continuity approach enables our clients to take proactive management control of any business interruption and reduce confusion about what steps need to be taken by whom to prevent delays to recovery.

As a go-to-partner, businesses contact us to:

  • review and test existing Business Continuity plans;
  • work alongside their management teams serving in an interim continuity management capacity to advise on potential continuity gaps;
  • conduct thorough business impact analyses to create actionable Business Continuity plans.

Our scope may be broad, but our focus is singular: reduce organizational response time and effort during an unplanned event.

Key Elements

Our Business Continuity reviews and implementation are customized to your operations and ensure that the following basic elements are included following Business Continuity Institute Good Practice Guidelines and ISO requirements. 


Identifies the crisis team and back-up person(s) for key positions


Identifies workarounds for core operational tasks, outlines responses to different scenarios, captures stakeholder information, etc.


Outlines how the business’ finances will be managed in a disruption

Provides an outline of the elements necessary to bring all elements together in a cohesive way including a communications strategy

Eases the Burden

Business continuity plans can be complicated. Our comprehensive approach ensures that the details are considered.


While we are all human, the chances of leaving out a critical element are reduced when you have professional guidance. 

Relevant and Actionable

In times or uncertainty, the business relies on a plan that is well documented and employees who are prepared to respond.

Avoids Consequences

Minimizes liability for companies that are legally required to have a plan in place to ensure the continuity of their operations.

Operational Continuity & Peace of Mind

for Business Owners. Investors. Creditors. Employees.