Each of us comes to the challenges in our life from a set of assumptions, values and beliefs that make up who we are. These assumptions, values, and beliefs form the lens through which we look at the world. We become stuck in a single way of seeing our challenges from a locked in perspective. We have only one hammer, so to speak, for all the nails we must pound down.

The role of coaching is to ask you powerful questions that compel you to challenge the assumptions, values and beliefs that you hold. Powerful questions break through your habitual ways of being in the world. The most common response to a powerful question from a coach is, “Wow! I never thought of it like that before!“

Working with a skilled coach you will open up to new ways of viewing the challenges in your business. From these new perspectives you can re-examine your challenges and find innovate solutions that did not seem possible before.

Our experienced organizational psychologist will coach members of your organization through conflict resolution and other issues causing roadblocks in your communication. Based on our experience, a minimum of 4 sessions per person is required to work through challenges.


“Dona helped me through one of the most difficult situations in my life. With her help and guidance I have been able to achieve what seemed impossible. Working with Dona has been the best investment I’ve ever made.”

Shaun, a small business owner

“When my company was at it’s darkest time, we found our light, Dr. Dona!  In less than 1 years time, through Dr. Dona’s guidance, I began to change my mindset and become the true leader my company and employees needed.  My employees, family and I will always truly grateful for the expertise Dona has been willing to share.”

Ron, a small business owner