Are you stuck? Have you and your successor hit an impasse? Are you and your stakeholders moving in opposite directions? Does it seem like you’ve hit a wall and there’s no way forward?

Communication is about commonality. In family business succession, that means working together to preserve the essence of a company through the trials of transition. A breakdown in communication—whether it’s due to conflict or neglect—can derail that entire process.

How do you move forward?

Each one of us is a product of our own unique set of assumptions, values, and beliefs. These things make us who we are; they determine how we see the world. But they also make it difficult for us to step out of our own perspective to learn what’s truly going on.

Coaching is questioning. A good coach will help you break out of your habitual patterns and challenge you to consider things from outside your limited view. Whenever we hear a client say, “Wow; I never thought of it like that before,” we know a breakthrough isn’t far behind.

If you’ve hit a roadblock and you can’t seem to find your way forward, our experienced organizational psychologist will work with you to reopen the lines of communication and get back to working together for the future of your family business.

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“Dona helped me through one of the most difficult situations in my life. With her help and guidance I have been able to achieve what seemed impossible. Working with Dona has been the best investment I’ve ever made.”

Shaun, a small business owner

“When my company was at it’s darkest time, we found our light, Dr. Dona!  In less than 1 years time, through Dr. Dona’s guidance, I began to change my mindset and become the true leader my company and employees needed.  My employees, family and I will always truly grateful for the expertise Dona has been willing to share.”

Ron, a small business owner