Business Continuity

Business Continuity Planning


A Succession Strength Business Continuity plan is a workable contingency plan for the business in the event that something unplanned (e.g. illness or death) happens to the owner or another key member of staff. Unexpected disruptions often lead to the business not being able to continue, closing down prematurely and jeopardizing the livelihoods of those who rely on it – family members, employees and investors.

Our Continuity Plan was grounded in reality having been designed from the actual experience of going through an unplanned business disruption related to an owner. While Key Person Insurance may provide a payout and a Succession Plan outlines the long term leadership vision, a Business Continuity Plan provides an immediate and actionable way forward in the event of the unplanned.

Operational Continuity Peace of Mind

for Business Owners. Investors. Creditors. Employees. Families.

Our Solutions

Our Business Continuity Planning solutions vary across a wide range of budgets and timeframes. They meet the unique needs of all types of business owners and range from self-help planning to personalized planning performed by our team.