How to Bring in an External Successor Without Offending Family

Dec 4, 2018

External successors could provide as a functional bridge for the business and should be treated as an opportunity to strengthen the company.

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Owner’s Dilemma: Can you fire family?

Nov 28, 2018

An owner may need to release a family member from the business. This tough decision needs to be communicated with tact and without ambiguity.

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Owners: When You Need to Reject a Successor

Nov 20, 2018

An owner may need to reject a succession candidate and offer them another option that they may see as less glamorous. This requires both empathy and tact.

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When Owner and Successor Come From Different Worlds

Nov 14, 2018

Owners with successors from different backgrounds can upset previous communication norms and challenge the operation.This is avoided with good preparation.

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Don’t Treat Your Successor Like a Clone

Nov 7, 2018

Although a chosen successor may come from a similar background, owners should fight the tendency to assume they’re transitioning to a virtual clone.

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Are You and Your Successor on the Same Page?

Oct 31, 2018

The Foundation Conversation between family business owner and intended successor gauges whether their desires are aligned and starts the succession journey.

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