A New Year, Another Chance To Secure The Future Of Your Family Business

Jan 23, 2019

Completion of three important tasks could help set a business up for the succession journey to ensure the business' continuity.

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Owner’s Dilemma: When Your Successor Doesn’t Want the Job

Dec 19, 2018

When a successor declines the offer to own or manage the business, understanding their motivations is key to finding a solution that benefits all parties.

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When the Business’ Successor Cup Runneth Over

Dec 11, 2018

By the second or third generation of a family business, the issue often isn’t a lack of succession candidates, but an abundance. Select with care.

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How to Bring in an External Successor Without Offending Family

Dec 4, 2018

External successors could provide as a functional bridge for the business and should be treated as an opportunity to strengthen the company.

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Owner’s Dilemma: Can you fire family?

Nov 28, 2018

An owner may need to release a family member from the business. This tough decision needs to be communicated with tact and without ambiguity.

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Owners: When You Need to Reject a Successor

Nov 20, 2018

An owner may need to reject a succession candidate and offer them another option that they may see as less glamorous. This requires both empathy and tact.

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