The Succession Strength goal is to keep good businesses in business for generations with education, practical tools and in-person guidance.

Our Process
Planning for a business’ continuity from generation to generation is never a one-size-fits-all proposition. Every business is unique, and comes with its own distinct set of challenges. That’s why our process focuses on you and your situation. There are no ‘best practices’; only solutions targeted to the specific business’ needs.

Our aim is to open the doors on what is often seen as an unknown and inaccessible industry for everyday business owners. We recognize the importance of knowledge for action, so we remove barriers to expert advice by providing effective solutions that are effective, accessible, designed for a wide range of business sizes, maturity, budgets and time constraints.

The Succession Strength portfolio of practical solutions enables every-day business owners to take control and take the fate of their business in their own hands with standard self-help products and tailored advisory and coaching to help facilitate smooth continuity from generation to generation.
What We Do

With decades of global strategy and business continuity experience, informed by insights from organizational psychology, our standard and custom solutions help businesses plan for tomorrow without sacrificing today.

Business Continuity

We believe that businesses of tomorrow need to be protected from disruptions of today. We help businesses protect their operations from the unplanned.

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Family Business Preparation

We work with family owned businesses preparing for a generational change. Our approach focuses Communication, Governance and Successor Preparation.

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Retirement for Business Owners

Some business owners wait until it is too late to plan for the impact of their retirement on the business. This course prepares retiring owners to make informed decisions.

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